Online Application for Professional Courses Main Examination ODD Semester (November 2018)

Students who have not submitted their Examination fee or have paid less fee than required, can pay their fee using PAY FEE TAB. Candidates should wait for at least 48 hours to Check their Fee Status after depositing the Fees before contacting the University.


  1. A REGISTRATION NUMBER will be printed on your application form after the process of registration in the website. It is mandatory to enter this REGISTRATION NUMBER in the form which is provided in the SBI COLLECT PORTAL.
    oSclkbZV esa iathdj.k izfØ;k iw.kZ gksus ds mijkUr vkidks vkosnu i= esa jftLVªs'ku uEcj iznku fd;k tk;sxkA bl jftLVªs'ku uEcj dks ,l0 ch0 vkbZ0 dySDV ds iksVZy esa fn;s x;s QkeZ esa Hkjuk vfuok;Z gSA
  2. Please be careful while entering this REGISTRATION NUMBER and DATE OF BIRTH in SBI COLLECT PORTAL as your fee is mapped with it, If you enter wrong details then you will have to submit the fee again with correct REGISTRATION NUMBER and DATE OF BIRTH.
    d``i;k mDr iathdj.k la[;k rFkk viuh tUefrfFk dks ,l0 ch0 vkbZ0 dySDV ds iksVZy esa Hkjrs le; lko/kkuh cjrsa D;kasfd mDr iathdj.k la[;k rFkk tUefrfFk vkidh Qhl ds lkFk layXu gSA ;fn vki xyr tkudkjh nsrs gSa rks bl fLFkfr esa Nk= dks iqu% lgh vuqØekad rFkk tUefrfFk ls Qhl tek djuh gksxhA


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